In today’s digital world, there are more tools than ever available to survey researchers. Perhaps one of the most significant is the introduction of Informed Delivery.

While simple in nature, the impacts of Informed Delivery are profound for both researchers and survey participants alike.

Informed Delivery provides advanced communication to residents for mail that they are set to receive, by showing an image of the incoming mail through an email communication.

While the big appeal to residents is the joy of seeing when packages they have ordered will be arriving, there are numerous benefits to explore around how Informed Delivery can be used by researchers to drive higher response rates and engagement to their surveys.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to fully utilizing Informed Delivery, is providing researchers with a second opportunity to tailor an invitation message to respondents. Knowing that participants will receive an image of your survey materials allows the use of more attention grabbing designs on your invitations.

Another really neat advantage to using Informed Delivery, is knowing EXACTLY when survey materials arrive in homes, by participant. We already have the ability to monitor delivery volume by region, but Informed Delivery allows you to see arrival details down to the participant level. Having access to this specific information allows more effective scheduling for alternate contact methods such as social media or even telemarketing.

The last significant note on Informed Delivery, is the reduction in Non-Response rates. You can view Informed Delivery as having a similar effect to a pre-notification postcard, but cheaper. By knowing to expect survey materials, the participant is more likely to keep an eye out for that survey, and also more likely to engage with it. According to USPS, there are more than 58 million users and 42 million households, it is likely that at least 17% of your sample will see your communication before it arrives. 

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