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DataForceTM state-of-the-art fulfillment can handle all of your project fulfillment needs in house – including kitting, pick & pack, mailing and distribution, return management and warehousing.

Our expert team will help you optimize material selection, distribution and collection for best results. Variables such as the need for multiple windows and material staging are evaluated and built into the schedule. Count on our extensive experience to design and deliver on a workflow that keeps you on time and on budget. Follow our progress in real-time with our proprietary SASTrack system – where you can quickly and easily view when material was shipped, what has been returned, and what has been processed.With our high volume permit and partnership with FexEx, you will realize substantial savings on freight, too.

With DataForce fulfillment, you save time, risk and money!


DataForce optimizes package assembly and shipping for all of your survey and assessment projects. From barcoding and matched mailings to stamping and bulk shipping, we can manage even the most complex projects with spot-on accuracy to ensure you get results you can count on. We save you time and money by using our automated processes to help efficiently deliver all of your surveys and questionnaires through USPS and other logistics companies.

Common kitting projects include:

Class Packs

We can pack multiple items to spec – including class header sheets, surveys, assessments, and administrator instructions – making it easier for you to distribute materials on-site and keep materials together when they are returned.

Interviewer Field Kits

These kits can contain 5 or 50 items depending on the work being done in the field. A kit could consist of the following items along with sub-kits within the primary kit – incuding pens, stamps, note cards, brochures, receipts, door hangers, letters and more.

Projects often have many different kits and sub-kits. As materials become available, DataForce monitors the inventory application. Once all materials are available for any kit, a work order is submitted to operations for the quantity required. Only the inventory needed for the quantity required is pulled. The initial kits will be built, and we will take either a video or pictures to give an exploded view of the kit for your approval. Only upon your approval will operators will be given a packing list and sample to complete the buildout.

Mailing & Distribution

DataForce survey mailing services manages your entire delivery and collection process. We ensure that your materials are delivered on time, every time.

We use advanced technologies including camera matching mailings that match and verify addresses automatically and our proprietary client interface, SASTrack, that gives you visibility into your project(s), with dashboard views showing you when material has been shipped, what has been returned, and what has been processed.

We can send bulk mailings and/or first-class mailings to anywhere in the world. And while postage costs are fixed, our automated processes cut preparation time and save our clients’ money. Partnering with our preferred direct mail providers, mailing data are run through CASS-certified software, as well as NCOA (address correction), merge/purge, and carrier pre-sort – all with the goal of reducing your postage costs. You can also take advantage of DataForce’s high-volume business reply postage permit, which gives your respondents a simple pre-paid way to return their surveys. You only pay the postage for surveys that are returned.

DataForce supports a wide variety of services to meet our clients’ project demands, including:

Return Management

Once you send your survey out, you need to accurately receive all the results. DataForce is equipped to handle this with impeccability so you can focus on processing the information without distraction. We can provide you with prepaid return shipping labels with outgoing bulk shipments – for higher response rate and reduced follow up. Whichever way you choose to receive your results, DataForce makes it seamless and error-free.

We can receive your results in the following ways:

Secured Receiving

This method ensures that even the most sensitive materials (like high stakes student testing) are efficiently returned without ever being exposed to the potential risks inherent with strict compliance regulations.

Prepaid Returns

Prepaid mailing has been empirically proven to drive higher response rates and help your organization collect better data. Take advantage of DataForce’s prepaid accounts to effectively administer all of your survey projects.

Standard Receiving

Whether your company prefers to receive bulk responses or individual responses, DataForce has the business processes in place to receive your returned surveys efficiently and effectively.

DataForce can manage all aspects of your research project, from printing and fulfillment to data processing, reporting and analytics. Whether you need one-stop shop support, or help with any aspect of your survey and test administration, DataForce has a solution for you. We can even put a team onsite with our equipment to do the processing for you.

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