DataForce™ can manage your mailings to individual respondents – including postcards, survey packets, and mail-to-online materials. We use advanced technologies to verify the accuracy of your mailings before, during and after they are distributed. Camera Matching is used to match and verify mail survey addresses automatically. Our proprietary client interface, SASTrack, gives you real-time visibility into your project(s), with dashboard views showing you when material has been shipped, what has been returned, and what has been processed. With DataForce, your mail is always tracked and accounted for.


Postcard Mailing

Postcard mailers can be used in a variety of ways to support your survey project. Pre-Notification and Reminder postcards in particular are quite valuable, as they are proven to help increase survey response rates. Thank You and Follow-Up postcards are commonly used for relationship management. Postcard mailers are both easy and inexpensive to produce and deliver, consisting of either half sheet or fold-over card stock, tab/wafer seal, and postage. They are a essential component in most of our survey projects.

Survey Mailing

With smaller survey projects, it can be more cost effective to produce them as individual mailings rather than bulk mail. Individual survey mailers typically include a survey packet consisting of a survey, cover letter and BRE. DataForce supports a wide variety of services to meet your survey mailing needs, including:


Mail to Online

Multi-modal surveys have become increasingly popular as technology continues to evolve. Chief among these is the combination of direct mail and online methods. DataForce supports your “mail to online” surveys with individual mailers that direct participants to go online to complete your survey. These typically include a cover letter and postcard. While they are ideal for multi-modal support, they are quite useful for online only surveys as well.

DataForce can manage all aspects of your research project, from printing and fulfillment to data processing, reporting and analytics. Whether you need one-stop shop support, or help with any aspect of your survey and test administration, DataForce has a solution for you. We can even put a team onsite with our equipment to do the processing for you.


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