Document Printing

DataForceTM can handle all of your document printing needs – from multi-page booklets to specialty forms for surveys and tests.

We consult with you to determine the best way forward for your printed materials, ensuring each is matched with the right technology, such as OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for larger projects and standard printing for smaller ones. We’ll also advise you on the most effective options for each piece, including the use of saddle-stich vs. adhesive, corner cuts, pre-printed elements, reply envelopes and more. From survey printing to survey booklets, test printing, test booklets, envelope printing, and promotional items, we’ll ensure your documents are optimized for best results.


Variable Printing

Variable printing gives you the ability to print specific information pertaining to the person, location and subject of each document digitally. Customizing your survey or form with hassle-free variable printing from DataForce is a powerful way to increase response rate and collect the best possible data.

With variable printing, you can print all at one time, rather than print a base document followed by an overprint, which can save you valuable time. It is a smart choice when you need unique components by ID, such as different questions per person. But it can also be costly. We’ll help you determine if variable printing is cost effective for your project. Furthermore, we will provide expert forecasting to figure out expected response rate and print run of each successive mailing, and help you save money buy printing certain base stocks in advance.

Variable print can be used to insert personalized information about or for the respondent into the survey, cover letter or postcard in a variety of ways:


With larger projects it may be more economical to print the base stock and uniquely identify with overprinting, including …

DataForce can use variable print to print numerical ranges onto the survey to act as respondent identifiers. Surveys that require respondent information to be tied back to the original data file will need to utilize a respondent ID or unique identifier. The respondent ID can be a number assigned to a specific individual. However, if the survey needs to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive or revealing responses, then a “unique identifier” can be used as the respondent ID. If the survey needs to be tracked back to a location (e.g., mall, intercept point, city, school, etc.), a number can be printed onto the survey to identify the location or interviewer, or unique serial number ranges can be assigned to each location. This ID is then captured during the data collection process, becoming the key field tying the survey back to the original data file.

When administering a test, it is very common for our clients to provide us with a current roster, allowing us to pre-fill information, such as student name, ID, class, etc., in the test answer sheets. Did you know that 8–10% of test data is lost because students do not accurately complete these fields? Or, hundreds of hours are spent trying to reconcile the answer sheets with the correct students.

Variable print can be used to customize any document. DataForce regularly customizes materials with school administration instructions that list every teacher receiving material. Class headers can give the teacher instructions on how to administer the test and list every student that has a pre-slugged answer sheet. This process takes the burden off of individuals distributing materials sent in bulk.


Ancillary Materials

The printing of your survey or test instruments is an important step in the entire data collection project. However, an equally important step in the process is identifying and coordinating ancillary support materials such as premiums and gift cards. Whether you supply them or need us to produce them for you, we’ll make sure to include these in your mailing.

By having all project-related print jobs under one roof, we are able to streamline your processes resulting in a more cost-efficient program. DataForce will simultaneously handle the procurement of any additional items that may be required.

Here is a list of some of the items that might be instrumental in effectively administering your survey or test:

Unique print components within each project are typically printed at different times over the course of the project. We carefully review every aspect of your project to maximize efficiencies by combining like documents/items for each project together to maximize savings.

During the kick-off stage for each project, your DataForce Project Manager will document the different pieces that need to be printed and if any of the materials being used may have already been printed and in inventory. In those cases, need vs. amount on hand will be reviewed and if an order needs to be placed, this will be communicated to you for approval.

For surveys, DataForce typically assigns a unique serial number range to each version. Each survey will have the unique serial printed on the front or back cover. In addition, during the mailing process we will print a barcode with the human readable number underneath on the back/front cover.

DataForce can manage all aspects of your research project, from printing and fulfillment to data processing, reporting and analytics. Whether you need one-stop shop support, or help with any aspect of your survey and test administration, DataForce has a solution for you. We can even put a team onsite with our equipment to do the processing for you.


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