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Streamline your data collection with our ‘one-source’
solution for mail and multi-modal surveys.

DataForceTM delivers essential custom data for mission-critical decisions in education, healthcare, government and manufacturing. Our one-source solution for mail and multi-modal surveys is uniquely designed to align with your organization’s mission at the strategic level, while saving you time, risk and money. That’s because we partner with you through the entire data collection supply chain – providing end-to-end planning, printing, mailing, fulfillment, data collection and analytics – all in house! DataForce has managed hundreds of surveys and studies for respected research organizations and universities – delivering data-driven insights that power policy change, healthcare reform and service generation. From simple short-term surveys to complex longitudinal studies, DataForce technology is built to scale. Our proven methodology guarantees precision data that gives you the power to improve your organization and positively impact the world.

Data Collection

What We Do

full-scope planning, project management, and document design for paper-based and multi-modal data collection and analysis

in-house printing for all of your primary and ancillary materials, including surveys, booklets, mail studies, special offers, and more

including form distribution, return management and warehousing for survey fulfillment, incentive fulfillment, and more

comprehensive data collection services, including data capture, automated document conversion, manual key entry, paper scanning, survey scanning, and forms processing

including comprehensive results reporting, data output, and actionable data insights you can use to improve your organization

The Power of IN-sourcing

DataForce is the only data collection company in the industry with large-scale in-house capabilities for every stage of your survey or study. Rather than outsourcing your project to various partners, we save you time, risk and money by managing it all in-house. With DataForce, you’ll enjoy a streamlined production schedule and substantial savings.

How We Do It

How We Do It

Why Us

DataForce Survey & Study Management is backed by over 75 years of proven process expertise that leaves nothing to chance. We understand that even the smallest detail can impact research results (e.g, the size of the staple, the scanning calibration, methodology, and the timing of every logistical element in the execution plan). Rest assured we have planned for everything, including real-time obstacles that would derail other projects. With DataForce, you get the essential data you need with integrity you can count on.

The Data Is In

What our clients say …

Anticipates project needs
Easy to work with
Meets budget expectations
Responsive to inquiries
Delivered on time
Overall Quality of Completed Projects
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